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The Bookhooks Mission is to be the best book reviewing website for young active readers.

Bookhooks is an online book reviewing toolkit for young readers. Bookhooks facilitates the publication of online book reviews. Reviews can be editorial (traditional reviews) or generative (stories, poems, photographs, visual art responses to books) and submissions can be supplemented with illustrations.

Bookhooks is safe. We do not collect student data. All submissions are carefully vetted prior to publication. All reviews are searchable (this is not a resource for cheaters!)

Bookhooks is robust! Bookhooks is a creative website for Active Readers, with links, games and resources for readers and writers.

This innovative literacy service is provided by Adrian Hoad-Reddick. Adrian welcomes sponsors, supporters and partners to make even better and to help him keep his mission on course!

Email Adrian @ hoad at hoadworks dot com

Hoadworks, inc.
 began in the early 1990s as a Hypercard stack connected to a complementary library management system at the Toronto French School in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!