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Historical Fiction

fiction presents a story that doesn't conflict with historical records. It portrays characters realistically, presents authentic settings, historical facts, accurate information through illustrations, and avoids stereotypes and myths. Historical fiction can take you back in time to read of people, places and events rooted in our history.

Examples of historical fiction novels include

  • Geoffrey Trease, Cue For Treason
  • Barbara Smucker Underground to Canada
  • Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
  • Sir Walter Scott, Waverly
  • James Fenimore Cooper, Last of the Mohicans
  • Lloyd C. Douglas, The Robe

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Historical Fiction Questions to get you started

1. Find the closest accurate date that the events in this novel took place. Go to the reference section of your local library and with the help of the librarian locate a newspaper article written on the same date. Report on what was happening in your part of the world on that date. (You could also check the archives of a specific newspaper on-line by going to their website.)

2. Find the exact place (city, country) where specific events in the novel took place. Locate them on a map. Write five interesting, present-day facts about that specific place.

3. How did the events in the novel change the course of history? How would things today be different if the events in the novel didn’t happen?

4. Search for the historical event on the Internet. Find five facts that took place that were not mentioned in the story. Explain how the addition of these facts would enhance or take away from the story as you read it.

5. Write a news story about the historical event that takes place in your novel. Begin with an ‘eye-catching’ headline. In the body of your report don’t forget to answer the 5W’s (who, what, where, why and when). Find a photograph in a magazine or newspaper that could accompany your article.


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