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Vampires, werewolves and zombies inhabit the world of the horror novel. Be prepared to be frightened by the unimaginable creatures of the horror story.

Examples of horror novels include the Goosebumps and Nightmare Room series by R.L. Stine, or novels by Stephen King or Anne Rice.

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Horror Questions to get you started

1. Find a graphic description of a scary setting in this story. Illustrate the setting. Think carefully about the medium you use (pastel, paints, or charcoal) and the colour you choose to convey a scary scene.

2. Which characters in this novel are the most gruesome? Find a descriptive passage of the most gruesome character and list the words that create a clear image of them in your mind. Look the words up in the dictionary and produce a “horror glossary”. Draw a picture of the character.

3. Choose your favourite scene in the story and rewrite it as a radio drama. What sound effects would you add and how would you create them?

4. Find as many descriptions in your story using colour words. Replace the colour words with other adjectives that still give an appropriate image of the scene or item described. If there aren’t many colour words used to describe items or scenes then find other adjectives and replace them with colours.

5. Did the title of your novel let you know what you were in for? Think of 5 alternative titles that would be suitable for this story. Explain why you chose them.

6. Was the author successful in scaring you?

7. Write a newspaper account of some of the unusual events of the novel.

8. Imagine that you are a scientist who has been asked to write a scientific explanation of events in the novel. Write your report in a scientific style.

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