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Superman reading a good bookWe enrich the lives of children when we encourage them to read, when we model reading, when we introduce readers to new authors, and each time we take them to the local bookstore and library. applauds teachers, parents and librarians who champion reading and meaningful responses to books.

Bookhooks is an innovative and exciting forum for student responses to the books read at school and home. The website encourages both editorial (review) and generative (story, poem, drawing, photograph) responses to books. Bookhooks motivates students by giving them the opportunity to publish their writing and illustrations to the world. They can email reviews to their friends, family and teacher. They can spellcheck reviews online. Students can browse other student reviews by keyword, author, reporter, title or genre.

Bookhooks provides structure without being prescriptive. Students may respond to texts using illustration and/or text. They may write their reviews independently, or respond to genre- or theme-related questions. They can even review specific books using a series of questions scripted by teachers, librarians, parents, or by the book's author!

Books get their hooks in each of us. Enjoy Bookhooks! I encourage teachers to use it in the classroom - download the blackline masters and other materials in our Resources pages. Play the games for Active Readers. Please download the Flash Bookmark and place it on your website. It displays a randomly selected Bookhooks review (updated every five minutes) and provides a friendly front-end to begin a report. Try our online style guide and Word template.

Bookhooks is a free and convenient resource for library reading programs. Promote great stories and encourage student responses to texts! Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

This website has been designed to be dynamic, organic—the makings of a collaboratory. A collaboratory is like a physical lab, providing a space for research, for shared projects, providing tools and links to make it all happen. Collaboratories--in being web-based--transcend geography, institutions and time. A good collaboratory will allow you to get more out of it than you give. The Bookhooks site has reached the tipping point and you will get lots out of it. Please do consider contributing to it! Here is a list of ways that you and your students can contribute.


Adrian Hoad-Reddick,
Bookhooks Creator & Manager

Here is what The Thrifty Tech Teacher people had to say about Bookhooks

Writing and Technology: Posted on August 1, 2011

The common core places emphasis on technology in the writing process stating that digital tools should be used to produce and publish writing. So, I’m going to begin a series about using technology tools in writing.

This first one will focus on the website This site allows readers to submit reviews of books. This is a great way to do some opinion writing or persuasive. Here’s the quote about them from their site:

“Bookhooks facilitates the publication of online book reviews. Book reports can be editorial (traditional reports/reviews) or generative (stories, poems, photographs, visual art responses to books) and submissions can be supplemented with illustrations.

Bookhooks is safe. We do not collect student data. All submissions are carefully vetted prior to publication. All reports are searchable (this is not a resource for cheaters!)

Bookhooks is robust! Bookhooks is a creative website for Active Readers, with links, games and resources for readers and writers.”

I think this would be great to do as a class on a shared reading or teacher read story in the lower grades and students could do it individually or in literature groups in the upper grades. After pre-writing, students go here to fill in the form and submit their review. You may also read the reviews of other students. This may be a great way to help literature groups choose among several given book choices.

Bookhooks also has an area for games and other writing interactives.