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Poetry or verse is writing that has been carefully structured to read in a rhythmic meter. There are many forms of poetry, some which rhymes, and some which do not. Some poetic forms are short, while others can be book length. Poetry attempts to pack the most meaning, in the fewest words. You will find poetry books by one author, or anthologies of poetry by several authors.

Popular children's authors include

  • Shel Silverstein
  • Dennis Lee.

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Poetry Questions to get you started

1. Does the poet have a dominant theme running through his/her poems?

2. Write your poem report in poetry!

3. Look carefully at the title of the poem. How does it relate to the poem's meaning?

4. Poems are like a pathway. You can only see so far ahead on the path. Did the poet surprise you along the way? Confuse you?

5. Comment on the poet's use of metaphor in the poem? What objects are lifted above the literal level to a figurative one?

6. What is the poet trying to say? How does he or she try to say it?

7. Exactly what events happen or have happened in this poem?

8. What are the implications of setting the poem at this place and this time?

9. Who is the speaker (persona) of the poem? Who are the other characters in the poem? What do you know about these people? Evidence?

10. Read the poem ALOUD. What does hearing and reading the poem contribute to its impact?

11. Is the poem a recognizable form (sonnet, haiku, ballad)? Research the poem's form.

12. Write a brief biography of the poet's life.

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