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Written writer-to-writer, Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens is a young writer’s road map to the skills needed to write short stories and novels. This compact guide provides young writers with story generating ideas, revision hints, tips for writing great description and dialogue, and much more. The book is supported by a website that includes publishing tips and links of interest to young writers.

Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens is available at
Find Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens – Canadian Edition at

Book Trailers

Book Trailers are another excellent way for active readers to respond to the books in their lives. Essentially, book trailers are short videos that promote books, much as music videos promote CDs and singles. Librarian and Media Specialist Michelle Harclerode has created an excellent wiki-based website called Book Trailers for Readers explaining book trailers and providing teachers and students with many resources and ideas for producing their own! What a great way to spread the word about the books that matter to you while learning some multimedia skills. I invite you to send links to your book trailers and we will feature them on the main Bookhooks page!

Crossword Puzzles

SPOILER Alert! Do not attempt crosswords until you have read the book!

Harry Potter Crosswords
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Crossword
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Crossword
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Crossword (2-page pdf) |

Kenneth Oppel Airborn/Skybreaker Crossword Puzzles
Airborn by Kenneth Oppel - A Crossword
Kenneth Oppel's Skybreaker Crossword (2-page pdf)

The Great Gatsby Crossword Puzzle
Death of a Salesman Crossword - by Andrea Snider and Adrian Hoad-Reddick
Tom Finder by Martine Leavitt - A Crossword
Children's Authors Crossword Do you know your Children's Authors? We give you the book title - you supply the author's name!
A Crossword with Great Character
A Wizard of Earthsea Crossword by Devin Howard
Run Across and Run Down Themed Crossword

Word Search Puzzles

Kenneth Oppel's Skybreaker - Word Search
Interactive Bookish Word Search Puzzles by some of Bookhooks' faves

Word Games

Fourthought - practice your anagramming in this challenging word game

Web-based Citation

The Citation Machine - enter details about your information source, and the Citation Machine will produce your citation automatically (APA or MLS!) Simply cut and paste the citation into your report or essay.

A Web Research Log by Bookhooks. A manual website logsheet.

Write Angles Articles by Heather Wright

Hello School! Goodbye Writing?
Read About Writing, But Don't Forget the Writing
Beat Writer's Block by Playing Your Cards Right
Seven Editing Questions -- and Why You Need to Ask Them
Postcards: Story Starters from the Past

Write Angles is a series of articles for the aspiring (or veteran) writer, published in What If? Canada's Fiction Magazine for Teens. Educator and writer Heather Wright offers great hints and tips for living writing in her compelling Write Angle series. The Write Away articles are 2-page PDF documents ready to print and use in your classroom.

LitQuizzes (Timed Quizzes - require the Free Shockwave Plug-in)

A Wizard of Earthsea LitQuiz by Devin Howard
The Golden Compass LitQuiz by Caroline Garrod
Artemis Fowl LitQuiz by Marcus Seegmiller
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix LitQuiz by Heather Hall
Inkheart LitQuiz by Jenn Hartley
The Thief Lord by Sarah Siddiqui
Confessions of a Shopaholic by Trella White

Know your Phobias? Try the Phobia Quiz by Andrew Seidl
Weird Words I by Ella Goldberg

Bookhooks Guides

Preparing Images for Submission to Bookhooks

Writing Tutorials by Mike Leslie, publisher of What If? magazine

Grappling with Grammar: Appropriate Apostrophes
Grappling with Grammar: Verb Tenses
Grappling with Grammar: Active Verbs
Grappling with Grammar: Punctuating Dialogue
Grappling with Grammar: Pronoun Problems?

Writing Techniques: Writing Realistic Dialogue
5 Steps to a Successful Contest Entry
Writing in Pictures - Using the 'Show and Don't Tell Rule'
Writing Techniques: Cutting the Fat and Making Every Word Count

Literary Resources for Students

A Guide to Genres
My Reading Record - blackline master ( Word | PDF )
A Glossary of Literary Terms
Get the Most Out of Your Library
How to Write a Book Report—First Steps

Reading Strategies for Parents & Kids on a handy printable bookmark

Literacy Activity Inventory (Photocopy Masters and Activities)
courtesy of our Educational Partner, Bookmates Publishing!

For more activities and time saving ideas, please visit

Write Away!

Write Away is a series of writing exercises for Middle School students. The series was prepared by writer and teacher Jean Mills. Jean is the author of two novels for middle readers, "Wild Dog Summer" and "The Legacy." The Write Away exercises are PDF documents ready to print and use in your classroom. Read Jean's Writer's Life blog, or visit Pugwash Publishers.

1. Write a poem
2. Write a sentence
3. Write a paragraph
4. Write a story: beginning, middle, end
5. Developing character
6. Write a story

The Avocabo Vocabulary Series

Avocabo is a challenging vocabulary series for students in grades 11-12, with over forty weekly word lists. It is produced by Bookhooks' creator Adrian Hoad-Reddick and his English students. Units are available in convenient pdfs. Encourage your students to submit their units for publication!

The Online Style Guide

Help students address 30 Common Writing Errors with the Online Style Guide Each page features helpful examples and solutions.