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Using our Word template, you can annotate student work, adding comments for the 30 Common Errors listed in this style guide. The template facilitates mark up by teachers, and generates comments with links to these resource pages!

   Number Agreement Error

30 Common Writing Errors and Their Solutions

Sentence Fragment
Run On/Comma Splice

Parenthetic Expression
Comma Before Independent Clause
Punctuation at end of Quotation
Single Quote Marks
Dangling Modifier
Misplaced Modifier
Vague Pronoun Reference
Number Agreement
Parallel Structure
Verb Tenses
Fused Words
Passive Voice

Negative Form
Choppy Sentences
Qualifiers and Intensifiers
Vague, Stilted or Flowery Language

This listing of 30 common writing errors was compiled by The Pingry School and is used with permission.

Compound subjects (Grace and style) take plural verb forms. Exception: “units” such as peanut butter and jelly, give and take.

Singular subjects (set) take singular verb forms despite any intervening plurals.

Singular antecedent nouns take singular pronouns. Each, either, everyone, neither, somebody, etc., are usually considered singular and so take singular verbs and pronouns. In the last example, note the use of plural form to avoid awkward he/she, his/her constructions.

What commonly stands for that which; in that case it is considered singular.

Grace and style is important to a martial artist.

This set of dishes are broken.

Each of the horses have their own way of trotting.

Every competitor must submit their weapon for inspection before they fence.

What stimulate our interest are rich plots with surprising twists.

Grace and style are important to a martial artist.

This set of dishes is broken.

Each of the horses has its own way of trotting.

All competitors must submit their weapons for inspection before they fence. [Best]

What stimulates our interest is rich plots with surprising twists.