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Team Bookhooks

Bookhooks is the creation of Adrian Hoad-Reddick.The site would not have been possible without the efforts of many talented contributors. Adrian wishes to thank:

  • Ian Zamojc of Zamtools for his graphic design wizardry and modular web design.

  • Raincoast Books and Orca Books for their ongoing support of the site. They kindly give Paige Turner some of her favourite reading material, which in turn is awarded to students or their school libraries!

  • Theresa Leyes for her creativity on the Bookhooks logo concept and design and for rendering Paige on the page.

  • Jean Mills contributed her Write Away series to the resources page. Read Jean's writing blog here.

  • Carmel McIntyre for beta-testing the system with her Grade 4/5 class

  • Rob Emlay for his original Flash game design that evolved into "Think Like an Author"

  • Ashley Mansfield for contributions to Paige's Guide to Writing a Book Report and for her Paige prototype.
  • Kim L for lending us her bright smile and likeness to be re-animated in the form of Paige Turner!

  • Caitlin S. for her enthusiastic journal entries as Anita Goodbook

  • the teachers, librarians and student readers who nourish this site with their writing and images!

Contribute to Bookhooks:

— genre-related questions (go to Write a report, then click on Get a Question and Add a Question on the pop-up window!

— add a book-related quotation

— word lists for our wordsearch puzzles

— multiple-choice questions for our quizzes (in sets of 15-20 questions)

— your thoughtful reviews in words, stories and pictures

— your suggestions, criticisms, and ideas!

Thank you!