To Whom It May Concern

Welcome to the To Whom It May Concern Reader's Guide, created by Mr. Hoad-Reddick's Grade 11 English students at St. John's-Kilmarnock School. We would like to thank Priscila Uppal for being our Writer-in-Residence at the school this year and for sharing our journey through her wonderful novel. It was such a delight to have Priscila on hand to discuss various aspects of the book and to share the story of its creation, and the resonances it has in her life. We hope you enjoy this Reader's Guide.

We welcome your comments, corrections and kudos.

Thank you to the students of ENG3U for their contributions to the To Whom It May Concern Readers' Guide: Evelyn Barber, Marc Barber, Myles Bartholomew, Mary Buse, Brandon Busuttil, Bronwyn Campbell, Stephanie Chan, Diandra Clohosey, Kersten Dupuis, Jenn Eensild, Rachel Fackoury, Nic Flaminio, Ivan Fung, Manuel Glanz, Kevin Herdes, Lexy Ho-Tai, Maddy Jacobson-Sohn, Rachel Kirby, Karen Klassen, Alex Krucker, Jacob Kukovica, Owen Lane, Benny Lin, Ken McAndrews, Brigitte McIntyre, Michael McLaren, Cashtan Milligan, Shai Mitchell, Maddie Peters, Greg Rogers, James Roh, Lexie Strachan, Laura Straus, Kirby Taylor, Thao Trinh, Lizzie Westacott, John White, Joel Wilson, Andy Wilson.

Special thanks to Jaime Hill for her inspiring teaching during the study of this novel.

Our Reader's Guide is divided into chapter summaries, character profiles, brief essays on key themes and stylistic elements of the novel, a biography of the author and some multimedia resources. Enjoy!

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